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The Marketing Power of Instagram for Business

Instagram is an effective and creative platform that can boost your company’s marketing strategy by helping to advertise your products and services. 

Instagram has joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter as a social media giant. As more than 70 million photos and videos are shared each day, it has proven increasingly effective for businesses and organizations promoting their brand. So, how can Instagram help your marketing strategy? 

Enhance your brand visibility

Users are not only using Instagram to share their own content, but also to find new content. They are now able to explore and find posts through trending hashtags, such as #LoveWins or #ExploreBC. This is a great way to boost visibility and attract new consumers. Keep your hashtags relevant by incorporating your brand and referencing specific marketing campaigns.

Cross promotion has proven very effective. Help advertise the brands you work with by @tagging and promoting their products and services. This results in higher recognition for both organizations, increased traffic, and ultimately an increase in followers. 

Plan your posts and mark them in a calendar. Make a point to upload a post everyday - one that is creative, fits the square frame, and includes an engaging caption. 

Catching your consumer’s attention

The quality of photos is important and creativity is crucial. Visual storytelling is an important marketing tool. Be sure to mix photos and videos into your posts; ones that reflect the core company values. 

Your bio link should be strategic. Use this link to connect to a landing page – this could be your company website, a recent post you’ve submitted, a link to a new product in your eCommerce shop, etc. When you post photos/videos you can include a call to action, such as “Learn more – link is in bio”. 

Facilitating consumer engagement 

Ensure consumers know that you appreciate their support and their following. Be sure to comment, respond, and like posts. 

Another great tip is to partner with Instagram influencers; these are people who have become ‘IG celebrities’ and have a large follower base. Users trust their opinions and advice. You can team up with them for giveaways, contests, account ‘takeovers’, and more. It is a great way to increase your brand visibility and lead users to your account. 

Want to get started?

The Spark Design team would be happy to help with your Instagram (and all social media) endeavours by discussing how you can engage your followers in a way that will foster measurable results. Its free, its easy, and its powerful. 

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